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Monday, April 15, 2013

[Earth Day Edition] pop-we Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

According to Siri, the third rock from the sun is 4.54 billion years old. The question on the minds of scientists and its inhabits, but for how much longer? Luckily for everyone involved steps can be taken to prolong the shelf life of our planet. We take this Earth Day Edition to highlight the efforts by a few to keep earth around longer. Below is a population-we™ compilation of previously reported Earth Day posts from the last three years.
Planet Earth.

[Earth Day Edition] 'Citizen Scientist' Volunteers Sought for April 23 UNO Elkhorn River Study
My husband and I moved out to Elkhorn, Ne., about a year and half ago. Brian and I grew up and lived most of our lives in the same zip code in...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] Johnny Apple Seed and Earth Day Should Take a Bow from AmeriCorps NCCC
When one thinks Earth Day what is the first nonprofit organization that comes to mind...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] Conduct Your Own Trash Walk or Trash Blog
Trash doesn’t discriminate you can find it in any neighborhood, village or farm...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] pop-we Dinner Club Reviews Texas Roadhouse
In March the population-we™  (pop-we) Dinner Club went to our first chain restaurant, the...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] Celebrate Earth Day 2012 with pop-we Summer Get Active Adventures
What a great way to commemorate the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day this April than to get active outside and...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] Committing to a Green Commute on 'Ride the Bus to Work Day!'
During the work week Brian and I commute to work via a carpool; however, March 13, 2012, one of us decided to catch...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] Recycling Electronic Devices
Being green is not always the easiest and most convenient thing to do. You have the casual person who recycles...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] Arbor Day Brings Back Doggy Memories
This Friday, April 27, the U.S. will celebrate Arbor Day, a day set a side to remind Americans...Read more.

[Earth Day Edition] pop-we Dinner Club Reviews Jaipur
Hot…Hot…Hot…Hot! This month Marv took us on a trek for some Indian fare, we headed to...Read more. 

[Earth Day Edition] Be Green, Shop at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Giving products a second life is the concept behind a Habitat for Humanity store in...Read more.

For now even Siri can't answer the question of when earth's expiration date may be. However, if population-we™ readers take action and follow any of the steps above -- we can extend that date. Let's choose this day and each day to make a difference and allow many more generations of its inhabitants to celebrate Earth Day, too.

Editor's note: In celebration of the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day population-we™ staffers will celebrate our love for planet earth with green posts this month!  

- population-we blog post by Becky Bohan Brown 
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