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Why This Blog?

population-we™ is the official website for population-we, LLC. The founder Becky Bohan Brown and other population-we™ (pop-we) contributors want to bring the old ideals back and replace "I-ness" with "we-ness." Selfless every day we-ness acts is what this blog [movement] is all about. Look for weekly original articles about individuals, groups or non-profit organizations who make the social media headlines that are population-we worthy, as well as guest posts from pop-we contributors. So, join us for not your typical blog --  “population-we™: It’s not about me it's about us and we.” 

Our Mission:  
population-we™, LLC., is an Omaha-based social media company which facilitates and encourages acts of "we-ness" both locally and globally. The company’s mission statement is Think We Before Me.  

Our Core Values:
WE demonstrate through our words and actions that others matter.

WE serve others without expecting anything in return.

WE believe and strive to live in a world of global togetherness.

WE seek to understand and comfort the needs and plight of those we serve.

WE always look out for others!

WE ♥ food and embrace the fact that food brings people together.

WE are a team of individuals who pool our talents together to achieve our tireless mission of Think We Before Me.

WE treat every person, animal and planet Earth with mutual appreciation each and every day.

In 2011, population-we™ founder Becky Bohan Brown was one of 625 entrepreneurs and executives in 100 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Nebraska who took part in Gallup's Entrepreneur Acceleration System (EAS). She participated in a hands-on and solution-oriented approach to help entrepreneurs apply the principles of behavioral economics to solve their current business development challenges. See the inaugural Gallup’s EAS company participants here.

The population-we™ and pop-we™ logos are both trademarks of population-we, LLC.

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