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In the spirit of population-we™, we invite everyone regardless of national origin, race, color, religion or disability to enjoy our blog. Since 2011, we have best tried to provide a clearinghouse of original articles that uphold our company’s we-ness tradition of Think We Before MeWelcome and meet all of our population-we™ (pop-we) contributors:

  • Becky Bohan Brownpop-we Blogger/Editor
    This blog is my attempt to stretch my literary muscles. I’ve always been a writer first and foremost. I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) in journalism and have been a professional writer for more than 23 years. I have been a PR professional for the past 18 years. Being a former jock, my roots are all about a team attitude. In 2011, I put on a Bloggers' hat to sing from the virtual mountain tops about the pop-we attitude I've followed and believed in my entire life. Join us and other guest Bloggers for our "population-we movement: It's not about me it's about us and we."

  • Barb Bohan, pop-we Poetry Blogger
    As a single person, I am grateful that I am rich with family who makes me feel included. I enjoy reading and like it when I read something useful shortly before it is needed. I am more of a generalist than a specialist although I do emphasize language a lot in my studies. My love for language makes writing poetry a labor of love. It brings me much pleasure when a poem that I write strikes a chord with someone. If you were to hear me give some of my more whimsical poems, you might think I am quite the over-actor. I am a graduate of Marian High School and UNO, which are in Omaha, NE. I work from home at this time. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and served in the Pennsylvania Harrisburg Mission. I have met some beautiful people along the way who keep me going.

  • John Bohan, pop-we Baseball Blogger
    As a sports enthusiast I am proud to have found an outlet for my baseball passion through my blog and population-we is literally a sister blog. I am the author of one published book and have plans for more in the future. I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a dual major of business administration and history. I have worked in the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years. I am married with three daughters who also share my passion for sports.

  • Brian Brown, pop-we Dinner Club Blogger
    As someone who likes to cook and enjoys good food with friends and family, I am truly an authority on eating out. I have been dining out at greasy spoons, dives to fancy white linen restaurants my entire life. In my opinion “mom and pop” restaurants usually have the best food! So, follow me and the pop-we Dinner Club as we review restaurants in the local area.

  • Chad Mayer pop-we Fishing Blogger
    I've been fishing since I was a kid -- so to say I’m an avid fisherman -- is an understatement. Today, with family and friends I fish year-round. I am a Master Angler but more importantly, that distinction is a family affair, my two sons and father-in-law are too. It was more than 15-years-ago when I realized the Internet could help us catch more fish. The Internet did not just open doors to great watering holes to fish at but garnered us with lifelong friendships and memories. Join me on future posts where I give a glimpse into my love of fishing.

  • Brian Robinson pop-we Fishing Blogger 
  • I'm Brian Robinson from Overton, NE. When I'm not at my maintenance/electrical job, you can find me on the water, or at least talking about it. I've fished my entire life and now concentrate mostly on walleye, sauger, wiper and flathead fishing; with a few other species thrown in at certain times. I'm a Nebraska Staff member for, a Pro Staff member of and freelance outdoor contributor for NebraskaLand Magazine. It's my belief that fish are always able to be caught--we just need to figure out where and how. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do. 

  • Marv Olson pop-we Food Blogger (As just part of the "we")
    My path through life has crafted a social transient. I have tried many things. I feel very fortunate to have experienced the highs and lows along the way. My life has created a willingness to get along with many types of people, realize a discovery lies around every corner, and that there always is a silver lining. My hallmark is diversity -- I feel it is the single most driving factor. My touchstone is nature, I find relief from the quiet of a crisp sunrise or the wind in my face. My saving grace is a wonderful bride, five kids, and six grandkids. I love being unique, knowing I'm just part of the whole.

  • Ron Wiley pop-we Civil War Blogger
    My interest in history began as a child reading books at my grandparents' house. A trip to Virginia and a visit to Manassas battlefield at age 11 led to a life long obsession with the American Civil War. I attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and studied history. I have read hundreds of books on the Civil War and travelled to battlefield sites around the country. I learn new things with each book and visit. I am currently employed in the telecommunications industry. I am married.

  • Pepper, pop-we Dog Blogger
    I am a rescue dog who loves to blog! In human years, I am 15, and 105 in dog years. So, I'm a mutt who is wise beyond my years. Join me as I give readers a dog's perspective on life.

  • Want to be a "pop-we" contributor or do you have a population-we story to tell? Contact us at populationwe [at] gmail [dot] comReaders may notice a couple other "pop-we" Bohan contributors sprinkled throughout postings of population-we. They are my siblings. My brother, John Bohan, is an author and songwriter, and my sister, Barb Bohan, is a poet. Indeed this is a “pop-we” family effort. Thanks also goes out to graphic designer extraordinaire -- Marian McDonald -- for bringing our population-we logo to fruition.