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Monday, June 30, 2014

Walleyes, Wipers and Crappies are Biting in Nebraska

It’s amazing what a little nice weather can do -- it allows us to get out and get some projects done, gives our gardens a shot in the arm and really turns on the bite. By the time you read this, many of you will already know that several species of fish have gone nuts across the state. The walleyes and wipers have been eating everything in sight with crappie, bass and catfish not far behind.

An assortment of fish caught out of Nebraska lakes recently.
As for our area, things have vastly improved. The Tri County canal above and below Johnson Lake has been hot. We have been picking up quite a few fish, and quite the variety, on crankbaits. Saugers, crappies, even northern pike have been very active. The crappies that have been coming into the boat have been very nice sized, and mostly suspended. Along with being caught over open water, this tells me that they are nearly finished up with their spawn. The weather this spring really pushed their spawn back, but they are getting back to normal rather quickly. The sauger bite has been good, and we even lost a very nice northern at the boat. He was all of 32-34 inches and very thick. I believe we also lost a flathead that hit a crankbait as well. These fish are being caught at all depths, but the deeper pattern has prevailed thus far.

Speaking of northern pike, I spent time at a reservoir recently that I don’t fish very often. My friends have a cabin at Jeffrey Reservoir out near Brady and they were busy last week breaking in their new pontoon boat. I was happy to be able to tag along and hopefully get some fishing done in the process. Using their new motor to troll proved to be a productive pattern, and we had one of our best fishing days ever at Jeffrey Reservoir. Dragging crankbaits over points produced 3 nice northern pike on consecutive points, with a total of five. Four of these fish were 28-30”, and it’s clear that they were strategically placed on the tips of points waiting to ambush prey that was unlucky enough to swim by. Every pike was in the same area on each point, and hit the exact same lure. The most miraculous part of this day was that we caught five pike on a lure and actually still have the lure! Throw in five nice crappies and a few white bass in just a couple of hours, and you have yourself a good day. While Jeffrey Reservoir is primarily known as a great catfishing lake, you never know what you’ll catch there. A regular added bonus of fishing another canal lake.

Wipers are another species we’ve been targeting with good success. I’ve written in the past about one of my favorite waters being Elwood Reservoir and how its future is in question, but right now there are some nice wipers in that lake. The alewife are abundant, and the wipers are taking full advantage. In three days we caught over 300 fish, with many of those being wipers. The most interesting thing about that number is that while there are wipers, white bass, pike and catfish included, only one walleye added to that count. In years past, we would catch several walleyes either before or after the wipers were present. That pattern hasn’t existed for us this year. I have been told of several walleyes caught in other areas of the lake, but I have yet to catch one there myself this year. After catching 92 walleyes there in 2012, but only 10 in 2013, their absence still seems odd after being so plentiful so recently. Personally, I have no problem with this change. There are quite a few days when I am very happy with catching wipers over walleyes, and I doubt I’m alone. Hopefully the lake will receive water from the floods out west and the good fishing can continue for the short term future.

Cooler weather has come once again with some rain involved, so that should keep water temps down a bit for a short time. I look at this as a good thing in that some successful patterns that have prevailed will work just a bit longer before changing. It’s clear that fishing has taken off recently, so get out and enjoy it. June is going to be a great month for catching fish.

-population-we™ blog post by Brian Robinson
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Benson Garden Walk: On Common Ground to Benefit Omaha Parks Foundation

In the 21st century, a top way to spend a fair weather day is to a visit to a city park. In the playgrounds found in my mind, I recollect about fun outings at parks during my youth. Fun was had on simple playground equipment including slides, swings, and teeter-totters. I also enjoyed playing a few times on more extravagant equipment such as a multi-story rocket ship for children to climb to the top. Another destination had a playground connected with bridges. I recall the thrill of my first time down a tornado slide.

Efforts to raise money for playground equipment for parks in the Benson area are in full force. The Benson Neighborhood Association and area businesses have rallied behind this cause and have been organizing fund-raisers.

Save the date Saturday, June 28th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the Benson Garden Walk: On Common Ground. Proceeds will go to the Omaha Parks Foundation for playground renovations that include two parks in the Benson area. Tickets are currently available at some business in the Benson area including Jane’s Health Market, Omaha Bicycle Company, and Benson Plant Rescue. You can also purchase tickets the day of the event at the Benson Community Garden and at each of the gardens on the tour. There are activities taking place during this event to promote the communities common ground of making healthy and sustainable activities apart of everyday living. Sustainable living is encouraged with activities for storm water management for gardening and a build-a-rain barrel workshop. There will also be fresh produce to encourage healthy living at the Benson Farmers Market. For updates, visit the Benson Garden Walk official Facebook page too.

During past Benson Garden Walks, I was impressed that people were so gracious to invite the ticket holders to tour their gardens. I recall one home thick with daisies, a favorite of Becky Brown and also a great local choice for being drought resistant. There will be tours of multiple sites. During the stop at the Benson Branch Library, attendees will view the Common Soil Seed Library. I think that it is also fitting that the Benson Community Garden, the Benson East Gateway’s bio-retention garden, and the Benson Farmer’s Market are participating. 7 residential gardens are on the tour. To add to the festivities, there will be artists and musicians. Yes, Benson knows how to do it right!

One of the parks in the Benson area to receive funds is the Grace Young Park. My family went to other small and large parks in the Benson area so I am not personally aware of this park. It is 2.4 acres and must be a vital gathering place for the neighborhood.

Benson Park is also slated to receive funds for playground equipment. Saying that this 217.3 acre park is important part of my family and community is an understatement. The last large gathering with all of the grandchildren and children present before my maternal grandmother passed away took place at Benson Park. As a youth, my mom and siblings would go to skate on the frozen pond. To celebrate graduating from Benson High School, my mom and about a half dozen students split the costs to rent the pavilion at the park for a chaperoned party.

The tradition of Field Day at Marian High School during the years that I attended in the late 1980’s included a trek to Benson Park. Although I was painfully shy at this stage of my life, I relished sitting in a row on the hill and cheering with my classmates to demonstrate our class spirit as we computed against the other grades in nearby rows. There were field events with such traditional activities as the tug of war. Each class also took their turn on the lower ground to present a themed show with songs. One of my favorite years at the park was when we were “Junior Junction.” As we were dressed like a long train, we did “the wave.”

When I was in grade school, the Softball Diamonds hosted the College World Series for Softball for the women. It was so fun to cheer for the amazing athletes. As the players were very approachable, I sought autographs from as many players on different teams that I could find to sign the program. Later, Becky Bohan Brown and I would play at the same fields when we were on class A fast-pitch teams through the Omaha Softball Association (OSA). Due to our age difference, we were on different teams. Although I am not highly competitive, I enjoyed pitching. I also loved the camaraderie of the dugouts where we would cheer and sometimes chant little songs. The baseball diamond was available for a lot of my team practices.

The park has hosted large community gathering through the years such as the 125th celebration of Benson area. It is the place for the “Cops and Bobbers” event where Omaha Police Officers and volunteers assist area youth as they fish in the lagoon. I do not recall there being ducks at the lagoon when I was a child although we frequented another Benson area park with ducks. I was happy to learn that ducks are now at the lagoon.

When $50,000 is raised by the community for the playground equipment, the city of Omaha, NE will match the other $50,000 for the park. You may donate directly to Omaha Parks Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit.

Years ago, a professor had us muse about designing a playground for the child development class. I envy the people who design the playground equipment for the respective parks. In subsequent years, I have learned how very important play and movement are for healthy development. But when you are a child, you are just out to have a good time. Oh, the possibilities for good wholesome fun to come when the new playground equipment arrives. It is a great opportunity to be part of something that will have such wonderful and tangible results!

-population-we™ blog post by Barb Bohan
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Monday, June 16, 2014

pop-we Highlights 2014 Men's College World Series Lineup

The 2014 College World Series will be played in Omaha, NE at TD Ameritrade Park from June 14 thru June 24 or 25, if necessary. There will not be a repeat this year as last year's champion UCLA finished 25-30-11 and did not garner an invitation to the tournament of 64. The final field of eight only has one team returning from last year with Louisville playing their way back. Only two of the top eight national seeds made it through with third seed Virginia and seventh seed TCU avoiding the upsets.

The first game Saturday has 40-23 UC-Irvine against 43-19 Texas. UC-Irvine earned their ticket to Omaha by beating Oklahoma State 8-4 and 1-0 in the super regional. Texas claimed their super regional against Kansas State winning 12-0 in the first game, losing 5-4 in the second and clinching 9-8 in the deciding third game.

The UC-Irvine Anteaters are led by Head Coach Mike Gillespie. Their top seven hitters are Connor Spencer (.368), Jerry McClanahan (.315), Taylor Sparks (.314), Jonathan Munoz (.294), Grant Palmer (.271), Chris Rabago (.253) and Mikey Duarte (.241) with Sparks and Kris Paulino leading the team with 5 home runs followed by Spencer and McClanahan with one each. The team batting average is .273 and they average 4.4 runs a game. Their top three starting pitchers are Andrew Morales (11-2, 1.53), Elliot Surrey (8-4, 1.99) and Evan Brock (9-6, 3.09) with Sam Moore being their main closer with 23 saves. Their team ERA is 2.73 and they have given up 3.4 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft they had five players taken: Sparks (Reds, 2nd round), Morales (Cardinals, 2nd), Spencer (Yankees, 8th), Rabago (Rockies, 13th) and Moore (Dodgers, 40th). This is their second CWS appearance and have not won the championship.

The Texas Longhorns are led by Head Coach Augie Garrido. Their top seven hitters are Madison Carter (.346), Mark Payton (.320), C.J. Hinojosa (.300), Brooks Marlow(.278), Zane Gurwitz (.278), Ben Johnson (.270) and Tres Barrera (.270) with Johnson leading the team with six home runs followed by Barrera with five. Their team batting average is .267 and they average 4.6 runs per game. Their top three starting pitchers are Nathan Thornhill (8-3, 1.63), Dillon Peters (7-3, 2.13) and Parker French (6-5, 2.45) with John Curtiss being their main closer with nine saves. Their team ERA is 2.33 and they give up 2.9 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft they had six players taken: Curtiss (Twins, 6th round), Payton (Yankees, 7th), Peters (Marlins, 10th), Thornhill (Phillies, 13th), Lukas Schiraldi (Mariners, 15th) and French (Tigers, 19th). This is their 35th CWS appearance and they won six championships.

The second game Saturday has 50-15 Louisville against 46-19 Vanderbilt. Louisville knocked off Kennesaw State 5-3 and 7-4 in their super regional. Vanderbilt claimed their super regional against Stanford winning 11-6 in the first game, losing 5-4 in the second and clinching 12-5 in the deciding third game.

The Louisville Cardinal are led by Head Coach Dan McDonell. Their top seven hitters are Nick Solak (.362), Cole Sturgeon (.328), Kyle Gibson (.323), Jeff Gardner (.318), Alex Chittenden (.295), Grant Kay (.288) and Zach Lucas (.268) with Gardner leading the team with nine home runs followed by Kay and Lucas with five each. Their team batting averge is .287 and they have averaged 6.3 runs per game. Their top three starting pitchers are Kyle Funkhouser (13-3, 1.94), Anthony Kidston (9-0, 3.54) and Jared Ruxer (7-1, 2.27) with Nick Burdi being their main closer with 18 saves. Their team ERA is 2.81 and they have given up 3.3 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft they had eight players taken: Burdi (Twins, 2nd round), Gardner (Nationals, 8th), Sturgeon (Red Sox, 10th), Ruxer (Angels, 12th), Joe Filomeno (Twins, 15th), Kay (Rays, 27th), Zachary Lucas (Pirates, 29th) and Kyle McGrath (Padres, 36th). This is their third CWS appearance.

The Vanderbilt Commodores are led by Head Coach Tim Corbin. Their top seven hitters are Bryan Reynolds (.340), Dansby Swanson (.336), Vince Conde (.301), Xavier Turner (.283), John Norwood (.281), Rhett Wiseman (.274) and Zander Wiel (.273) with Wiel leading the team with five home runs followed by Reynolds and Conde with four each. Their team batting average is .282 while scoring 5.7 runs per game. Their top three starting pitchers are Walker Buehler (11-2, 2.39), Tyler Ferguson (8-3, 2.51) and Tyler Beede (8-7, 3.58) with Carson Fulmer being their main closer with 10 saves. Their team ERA is 2.75 and they give up 3.4 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft they had five players taken: Beede (Giants, 1st round), Adam Ravenelle (Tigers, 4th), Conde (Yankees, 9th), Jared Miller (Diamondbacks, 11th), and Brian Miller (Rays, 15th). This is their second CWS appearance.

The first game Sunday has 45-19 Texas Tech taking on 47-16 seventh seed TCU. Texas Tech battled through their super regional beating College of Charleston 1-0 and 1-0. TCU claimed their super regional against Pepperdine winning 3-2 in the first game, losing 3-2 in the second and clinching 6-5 in the deciding third game.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are led by Head Coach Tim Tadlock. Their top seven hitters are Tyler Neslony (.388), Alex Humphreys (.322), Tim Proudfoot (.317), Eric Gutierrez (.312), Adam Kirsch (.300), Stephen Smith (.282) and Bryant Burleson (.275) with Gutierrez leading the team with 12 home runs followed by Kirsch with 10. The team batting average is .287 while scoring 6.0 runs per game. Their top three starting pitchers are Dylan Dusek (8-0, 1.94), Cameron Smith (8-2, 2.81) and Chris Sadberry (5-3, 3.17) with Jonny Drozd being their main closer with five saves. Their team ERA is 3.17 and they gave up 3.5 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft they had four players taken: Sadberry (Marlins, 6th round), Hunter Redman (Dodgers, 8th), Proudfoot (Athletics, 21st), and Dominic Moreno (Cardinals, 33rd). This is their first CWS appearance.

The Texas Christian Horned Frogs are led by Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle. Their top seven hitters are Garrett Crain (.335), Boomer White (.318), Dylan Fitzgerald (.318), Derek Odell (.280), Kevin Cron (.279), Jerrick Suiter (.278) and Cody Jones (.269) with Cron leading the team with five home runs followed by Fitzgerald, White and Jeremie Fagnan with two each. Their team batting average is .283 while scoring 5.1 runs per game. Their top three starting pitchers are Preston Morrison (9-4, 1.32), Brandon Finnegan (9-3, 2.12) and Tyler Alexander (10-3, 2.16) with Riley Ferrell being their main closer with 15 saves. Their team ERA is 2.19 and they gave up 2.7 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft they had six players taken: Finnegan (Royals, 1st round), Jordan Kipper (Angels, 9th), Cron (Diamondbacks, 14th), Kyle Bacak (Nationals, 25th), Suiter (Pirates, 26th) and Jones (Indians, 38th). This is their second CWS appearance.

The second game Sunday has 49-14 third seed Virginia taking on 46-19 Mississippi. Virginia was challenged at their super regional by Maryland who they lost 9-5 in the first game then beat 7-3 and 11-2. Mississippi faced sixth seeded Louisiana-Lafayette who they lost 9-5 in the first game and then won 5-2 and 10-4.

The Virginia Cavaliers are led by Head Coach Brian O'Connor. Their top seven hitters are John La Prise (.368), Mike Papi (.311), Joe McCarthy (.305), Branden Cogswell (.292), Derek Fisher (.285), Kenny Towns (.273) and Daniel Pinero (.266) with Papi leading the team with 11 home runs followed by Brandon Downes with seven. Their team batting average is .281 while scoring 5.6 runs per game. Their top three starting pitchers are Nathan Kirby (9-2, 1.73), Brandon Waddell (9-3, 2.66) and Josh Sporz (5-4, 3.04) with Nick Howard being their main closer with 19 saves. Their team ERA is 2.31 and they have allowed 2.7 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft they had eight players taken: Howard (Reds, 1st round), Fisher (Astros, 1st), Papi (Indians, 1st), Downes (Royals, 7th), Cogswell (Athletics, 7th), Artie Lewicki (Tigers, 8th), Whit Mayberry (Tigers, 21st) and Nate Irving (Diamondbacks, 34th). This is their third CWS appearance.

The Mississippi Rebels are led by Head Coach Mike Bianco. Their top seven hitters are Auston Bousfield (.349), Will Allen (.345), Austen Anderson (.331), J.B. Woodman (.308), Brantley Bell (.307), Errol Robinson (.299) and Sikes Orvis (.295) with Orvis leading the team with 14 home runs followed by Bousfield with six. Their team batting average is .303 while scoring 6.1 runs per game. Their top three starting pitchers are Chris Ellis (10-2, 2.45), Christian Trent (9-0, 2.21) and Sam Smith (5-4, 3.45) with John Laxer being their main closer with six saves. Their team ERA is 2.72 and they have allowed 3.4 runs per game. In the 2014 MLB draft Ole Miss had nine players taken: Ellis (Angels, 3rd round), Bousfield (Padres, 5th), Anderson (Orioles, 9th), Laxer (Tigers, 9th), Braxton Lee (Rays, 12th), Allen (Tigers, 12th), Hawtin Buchanan (Mariners, 20th), Aaron Greenwood (Astros, 28th) and Trent (Dodgers, 29th). This is their fifth CWS appearance.

With only two national seeds this College World Series could have a cinderfella ending for one of the other six. Time to play ball in Omaha!

-population-we™ blog post by John Bohan
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Monday, June 9, 2014

'Managing The Malcolms' TV Show to Premiere Soon

I believe there is a strong demand for quality television and movies that the whole family can enjoy.  "Managing the Malcolms" promises to be such a program.  I love the premise of the show as it revolves around a close knit family working to break into the music industry. This MTM premiere is coming soon to a television network near you. Follow the show on Facebook or EnjoyGram where more details will be revealed in the future.

To me our talents are a responsibility. We need to develop them and then use them to bless others. The writer and director of Managing the Malcolms, Lisa Harrison Jackson, recognizes her talent as a gift of God. Her faith is reflected in her work and how she conducts herself in her daily walk.

The cast of Managing the Malcolms (courtesy of UHEG).
Lisa started writing during her early grade school years.  I observed her poetry notebook in one of our classes together in high school. I would not say that Lisa was enigmatic as she was friendly and genuine. Yet, I was very curious about her talent. This would be years before I would identify myself as someone who writes poetry.

I did not have an opportunity to read Lisa’s poetry then. I have read samples of her writing style of one of her published novels and like how she uses rich description to create scenes that draw me into the story.

Lisa and her husband Nathaniel Jackson founded Up High Arts and Entertainment Group as a means to edify their audiences and impact future generations through books, plays and film. Together they have produced seven plays. I know of at least three novels written by Lisa. Through this Christian based entertainment company, they are magnifying their talents.

Q:  Why did you start UP High Arts and Entertainment Group (UHEG)?
A:  I sort of slipped into entertainment outside of writing books by accident. I was gifting a copy of my first book, "At Last" to my pastors at the time when they asked me to adapt it into a stage play to put on at the church. I had no knowledge or training in the theater, but I did my due diligence and studied--hard. My first production company was called Takin' it 2 The Streets Productions, but when we began embarking upon television and film, we decided that we needed a name that would embrace the whole brand. Up High actually denotes the source of my inspiration and that is the Lord above.

Q:  I am excited to hear that "Managing the Malcoms" will premiere on television soon. Is this a comedy or a drama or both?
A:  We are equally excited about premiering it for television. "Managing the Malcolms" actually came to me when we were friends with a family that was trying to break into the music business. We witnessed the hard work they had to put in addition to the ups and downs. In the midst of it all, it was their humorous approach to their work that made me want to create a show. They were not interested in the concept so I wrote out an outline and held onto it and five years later, here we are.

Q:  I read that the characters in the series are trying to make it in the industry while not forgetting what is most important. Can you elaborate on this?
A:  The whole essence of the show is family. The Malcolms are a close knit bunch, who has dreams of sharing their gifts to sing with the world. The series will show how each member navigates through life and fame.

Q:  What kinds of characters in books, plays or movies do you find to be the most interesting?
A:  I like characters that have depth, and passion for whatever it is that they do. I like uncovering who they are with each turn of a page. One dimensional characters are boring. I love actors who can take any character and make him or her come to life. Actors like Viola Davis, Meryl Streep are my favorites now.

Q:  What was it like growing up in a big family?
A:  Crowded. Lol. It was fun. Could be annoying, but I always had a playmate. My dad is an ex-Marine and had to be strong and orderly to keep up on track. It was never chaotic.

Q:  Can you tell us a little about your husband and children?
A:  My husband, Nate is a great guy. We will be approaching 19 years of marriage this July. He is very patient. (had to be with my career) and he pushes me to do my best and not give up. My girls, Chandler and McKinley are the sweetest girls ever! While I am the writer and creator of my projects, We all play a big part in the business. Nate manages the projects, my oldest Chandler is like my social media maven and McKinley is the cheerleader who keeps up prayed up.

Q:  How did your … formal educational experiences help you become the writer that you are today?
A:  I have been writing since 4th grade and have been blessed to have teachers who saw the potential in me. When I obtained my bachelor's in communications, I specifically wanted to get a grasp on journalistic writing because all of my other forms had been fiction. When I obtained my master's degree, I wanted to expand on my writing through literature.

Q:  Do you have an excerpt of a … recent poem that you could share?
A:   I really don't write poems, but here is a snip of a spoken word piece that I received in a dream. It’s called "Little Sister, Little Sister":

Little Sister Little sister, why do you look in the mirror?
With eyes full of tears as you try to compare,
with other girls from magazine and videos
You're a perfect little princess the way you are, don't you know?
Beauty is
In the eye of the beholder
Listen to me now before you get older
And already have begun to believe the hype
Believing that you are some unusual type
which you are
He created you like that
Peculiar is what His kids are known as...
(This is only an excerpt of the poem)

Thank you Lisa! I have wanted to reconnect with Lisa for several years. I had seen that she had published books in High School Alum news. I did not know about her recent works or the soon to premiere television show.  I had tried to find her on social media for about the last four years. A few weeks back, I did a search and suddenly I found here. Yes, sometimes timing is everything…

-population-we™ blog post by Barb Bohan
© 2014 population-we, LL
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Fishing Outside Your Comfort Zone in Nebraska

It finally seems that the cold wintery weather has disappeared. Since we’re well into a late spring, my biggest fear is that it’ll turn into a hot summer in a very short amount of time, which would leave some windows open for a short time to catch specific fish at specific times. Right now, we’re taking what we can get.
Fishing on a lake in Nebraska. 

Water temps across the central Nebraska region have slowly been rising, only to be pushed back down at times by cold fronts. We recently had a few outings that showed the temps to be in the upper 50s, almost creeping into the 60s. This is a good thing, as some of our summer trolling patterns start in the low 60s range.

At Harlan, we found water that was in the 60 degree range and tried trolling, just to see if it would work. It turned out to be a great day for us as we boated 19 walleyes, the largest being 20 inches. The best part was, we caught most of these fish with nobody else around. All fish were over 15 inches. Throw in some nice white bass, a few drum and one wiper, and it was a fun day to be out.

The next day we returned to closer water at Johnson Lake. The water there is a bit cooler, but we tried trolling anyway. We picked up two saugers, and saw very few other fish caught. We decided to hop over to the Tri County canal, only a few miles away. We ended up picking up three more saugers, a couple of real nice crappies that were in full pre-spawn mode, and a few more white bass. I had a real nice fish on that came undone with about 20 feet of line to go. Even though with water temps around 63, I figured it might be a bit early for the flatheads to be real aggressive, but I’m sure that’s what it was. Flatheads are built for power and strength, so even a 10 pounder feels like a beast.

The good news is, the water temp is rising. The bad news is, it probably is not rising much this week on account of our temps barely being over 60 degrees most of the time, with lows dipping all the way down to 30 degrees. I try to look at the good part of this, which is if you have a pattern that’s working, it’ll keep working for a while longer. Maybe longer than usual, with this weather. I know lots of fish are being caught using crawlers now, instead of minnows, which means the fish are only becoming more active and aggressive. Sometimes we get in a rut and try things that we’re used to, and force those tactics to work, and then they just don’t. So don’t be afraid to try different things with these fluctuating temps. A perfect example is that previous to this past weekend, I went away from my plastics and crankbaits and actually used live bait, which is something I used to do exclusively. I ended up getting a limit of walleyes in the Tri County Canal near Johnson Lake, with two smallmouth bass, two more walleyes and a sauger being added by my friends. Never hurts to try things outside of your comfort zone.

-population-we™ blog post by Brian Robinson
© 2014 population-we, LLC 
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