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Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupid is Coming to the KVNO Airwaves This Valentine's Day

This upcoming Valentine's Day, Classical KVNO 90.7 FM wants to spread some holiday cheer over the radio waves. Do you have a heart-warming story of kindness and love to tell? If so, KVNO wants to hear about it.

"I am continually encouraging our staff to find new ways to engage the community," said Dr. Robert Franklin, UNO Television and KVNO Radio general operations director. "Given the fact that we serve a very diverse listening audience with one-of-a-kind classical music, Maverick athletics and in-depth local news broadcasts -- as well as student community with opportunities with training and employment in a professional environment -- it is very challenging to develop outreach initiatives in which all of our constituents could be interested in participating."

KVNO will broadcast the winning heart-warming story on the Hallmark holiday itself -- Monday, Feb. 14. The winner will also receive an invitation to visit the station to record a testimonial and have their picture taken to be featured on Deadline for entries is by 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 10.

Send entries of 500 words or fewer to:

E-mail to; send via United States Postal Service or stop by in-person to "Classical 90.7 KVNO, UNO 6001 Dodge St., Room 200 College of Public Affairs and Community Service, Omaha, NE 68182."

The writer of the winning story will receive:

- A $60 gift certificate to McFoster's Natural Kind Café;

- A lovely two-disc set of Romantic era classical music; and

- A pair of passes to the Village Pointe Cinema to see the Metropolitan Opera LIVE in HD.

For contest rules, visit

"A contest for the best short story -- with entries accepted by mail, online or in-person -- opens to door to virtually everyone that KVNO serves, and on a level to which (hopefully) everyone can relate: kindness and love," said Kim Balkovec, KVNO Development Director. "The prize package represents our primary programming focus, which is classical music, but includes a gift certificate to a UNO neighborhood restaurant that is very popular among students."

If my husband and I were to send an entry it would read something like this:

Our submission would highlight the circumstances that brought Brian and I to became more than Benson High School (BHS) classmates but soul mates. My husband and I along with all the other BHS students were going through our rite of passage -- Benson's Junior-Senior Prom. Brian who was in the same class had asked a co-worker from Cub Foods to prom. She of course had told him yes. My cousin and I made a pact that we both would go stag. I had one guy friend who asked me to go; however, remembering our pact I turned him down. Then that dreaded phone call came the night before prom. My cousin called saying she had been asked by another classmate. I could tell in her voice that she was beyond the moon -- so I agreed to be the third wheel.

Another part of our story, I was up for prom queen. Being a jock, a newspaper rat and a bonafide nerd -- were my only qualifications for prom queen. I was up for queen at homecoming and lost to my good friend Tish. So, like most of the prom court we were expecting another cheerleader to take the crown.

The day of prom, Brian too had that dreaded phone conversation. His prom date answered the phone and after many awkward pauses told him that she was not going. Heartbroken, he still proceeded to his cousin's house, where they were meeting up for pictures. He gave his boutonniere to his other cousin's two year-old daughter. Brian was now the third wheel. He still went to dinner at Anthony's Steakhouse with his cousin and his girlfriend (now wife). My cousin, Claude and I ate at King Fong Cafe for dinner.

At the dance, which was held at the Paxton Ballroom, everyone from the prom court all lined up and did the walk. Since, I was up for queen my mom and aunt and uncle were there to support me. All three were former Bunnies (Benson's team mascot). With utter shock, everyone in attendance heard them announce: "Our 1990 Prom Queen is Becky Bohan!" In comes cupid's arrow. Heck, I couldn't go home now, I had to celebrate and show off the crown at the After Prom Party. My good friend Patty, suggested that I go with Brian, who had a car and like myself was dateless. My mom was a little apprehensive; since, she didn't know him. However, his sincere conversation about his mom being strict made her worries melt away. So, the rest of the evening we would dance under the stars and mingle with fellow classmates, while the Belle of Brownville cascaded us down the moonlight waters of the Missouri River. That night a spark was lit that has been carried in both our hearts for more than 21 years. Thanks to Patty -- AKA our cupid. This year will mark our 21st Valentine's Day together.

Do you also have a love story to tell? Add a comment to this week's edition of population-we about your tale or if you want to be added to the radio station's prize drawing send your submission to KVNO directly. And remember, amore will be broadcast over the KVNO air waves this Valentine's Day. To hear the winner's story, tune in on Feb. 14 and listen to Classical KVNO on the 90.7 FM dial or stream it at

Balkovec said the opportunity for the winning story to be broadcast on KVNO throughout Valentine's Day and for the winner to record a testimonial to be broadcast throughout the month following the holiday should hold appeal for just about everyone.

"I haven't met anyone yet who didn't want to be on the radio," she said.

population-we supports this contest sponsored by Omaha's premier public radio station, Classical 90.7 FM KVNO. The station serves and enriches the local, national and world community through unique arts programming that enlightens, entertains and informs. Broadcast from the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus the radio station also provides invaluable educational opportunities for students through training and employment in a professional environment.
- population-we blog post by Becky Bohan Brown


  1. What a great idea for a contest! People always talk about Hollywood giving a distorted view of romance. Maybe it's not always life imitating art. Sometimes it is art imitating life. There are some very true love stories out there. Of course, people have their moments but there are some very happy stories.

    What I liked about when Brian came over was the line up of cats on the stairs just like you would expect in a Disney movie. I always thought it was very sweet how the two of you got together.

  2. Barb: I had forgotten about the cats. I couldn’t include everything in our story because it had to be 500 words or less. If I ever write about it again, I’ll most definitely remember to include the cats and meeting Jan for the first time. What a fairy tale night. I remember waking up the next morning thinking I had dreamt the whole thing up but looked over and got a glimpse of my tiara and knew it was real.