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Monday, May 11, 2015

Wedding Reception Missteps Worth Blogging About

Sitting with my grandfather at the back of our wedding reception I was apologizing for everything he witnessed at our reception. At the time he was 78, and he’d seen a lot of his grandkids get married. He announced to me with a grin, “This was probably the most memorable reception of a grandchild I’ve been too!” I was truly mortified.
Dancing at our wedding reception before the missteps started.

Brian & I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last week. To this date, people still talk about our wedding reception, but for the wrong reasons. Why? Because two things happened. First, our DJ had our guests on the dance floor participate in a strip off. Not until we saw one of our groomsmen walk into the lobby, where we were talking to other guests, did we know this fact. He was in his boxers and had his cumberbun above his head exclaiming: “I am the king of the strippers!” My grandpa witnessed it all. That wasn't the only grandparent in the action. Brian’s 71-year-old grandma was dancing with one of our groomsmen when the DJ announced the “strip off!” Grandma started actually unbuttoning John’s tuxedo, but luckily she stopped and walked away. Second, the final regret. Brian’s best friend’s date had a little too much to drink and ate the top of our wedding cake. Yes, the wedding cake you’re suppose to save and eat on your first anniversary. My husband didn’t care much because--he actually doesn’t like cake. I was furious at the act! Today we laugh about it; however, when it happened everyone was appalled.

I would include a video; unfortunately, the only documentation we have is photos because years later I taped over our wedding video. My husband was traveling back and forth for business to Indiana and I popped a tape in to record an Oprah episode on "How to Survive a Plane Crash." 

If you have any wedding reception missteps worth remembering--we want to hear from you! We just might be able to give you some closure and a chance to redeem yourself or the guilty party!

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