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Monday, June 24, 2013

pop-we Dinner Club Reviews Firewater Grille

Firewater Grille in Omaha.
This month population-we™ (pop-we) foodie Sue thought we should go for some island flair. So, our dinner club went to the Firewater Grille, located inside the Comfort Inn at 7007 Grover St., in Omaha, NE. When you arrive you immediately notice the outside patio, which has some nice propane fire tables. To get to the main entrance of the restaurant you need to walk through the lobby of the hotel. As you walk in you notice to the left there is a funky tiki hut style bar, there is also a stage for bands, along the back wall. Several flat screen televisions appear around the bar and restaurant areas. The bar area seems way bigger than the dining area.

Our party of 12 was sat in a back corner by the kitchen. It was a mix of a booth, a corner seating section and chairs with cheap plastic tables. The corner booth seat had a boot print on the vinyl from where someone was standing, probably adjusting the television above the bench.

I decided to try the Jamaican Jerked Short Rib. The short rib was big like something from the Flintstones. Unfortunately, that was the best part, as for being a Jamaican Jerk--it really did not have any flavor to it, also it was dry and fatty. I was really disappointed, as I am fan of Jamaican Jerk; too bad it was more like beef jerky. The dish was served with rice and vegetables, which were good. Another foodie ordered the Mango Cheese Cake, not sure how they made it, as it was rubbery to where you could bounce a spoon off it.

I believe the Firewater Grille is somewhere you could hang out for cocktails; as they did have good $3 Mai Tai’s and a relaxing outdoor seating area. Overall, I just would not recommend the food.

After compiling the surveys from the other foodies the pop-we Dinner Club gives Firewater Grille 3 star average on a scale of 1-5.

Atmosphere/Decor – 3
Jamaican Jerked Short Rib.

Cleanliness – 2.5

Wait Staff – 3.5

Menu – 3.25

Food Presentation – 3.5

Food Portions – 3.25

Food Taste – 2.75

Cost (was the cost worth meal?) – 2.75

Noise Level – 3

Overall Experience – 2.75

For more information regarding directions or Firewater Grille menu, visit their website at

Fellow population-we™ readers, if you've been to the Firewater Grille leave us a comment and tell us what you thought?

Want to do this yourself? To review how to start your own dinner club, visit our January post about doing just that. Remember it is a template; tweak it to fit you and your friends’ tastes. pop-we Dinner Club: good food…good friends…good times.
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