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Monday, October 1, 2012

Project Pink'd Inc. Exposed Calendar Sales Continue for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today, Oct. 1, officially marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) around the globe. BCAM is an annual international health campaign organized by breast cancer charities in October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research, prevention, cause, diagnosis, treatment and cure. BCAM also provides a platform for breast cancer charities to raise awareness of their work and of the disease. BCAM is also a prime opportunity to remind women to be breast aware for earlier detection.

Nebraska ranks in the top quarter of the nation for the highest incidents of breast cancer. Iowa doesn't fall far behind Nebraska. Iowa ranks in the 40th percentile. It is estimated that Nebraska will lose 200 women and Iowa will lose an astonishing 380 women this year to breast cancer.

Right here in the heartland there is a local nonprofit who offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. Project Pink'd, Inc. is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mind, body and spirit of those diagnosed with breast cancer, ultimately focusing on improving their quality of life.

The nonprofit was founded by breast cancer survivor, Cynthia Sturgeon; however, in order for the nonprofit to grow it needed to network and partner with cohorts in the Omaha metropolitan community. To date, a core group of individuals, Project Pink’d, Inc. Board of Directors, is now collectively taking on the nonprofits’ responsibilities and “vision of hope.”

Meet Breast Cancer Survivor Erika Waggener -- Ms. February.
To commemorate BCAM, Project Pink’d, Inc. opens its Project Pink’d, Inc. Exposed: Real Women for a Real Cure calendar sales to population-we™ readers. Wherever you reside in the world you can purchase a calendar or donate a calendar to a breast cancer survivor. Calendar Girls -- local breast cancer survivors, family, friends and significant others bare it all (PG-13) in the calendar. Calendar sales fund breast cancer programs in the Omaha and Council Bluffs communities. So, while supplies last, individuals and groups anywhere can purchase 2012-13 Exposed calendars at

"I feel so passionate about helping inform others about breast cancer and what I have learned through my experience," said Erika Waggener, a Pink'd Calendar Girl and one-year breast cancer survivor.

As this month highlights, early detection is paramount to beating this disease. Waggener (pictured above) also agree and provides a checklist for population-we™ readers:

  • First is that breast cancer is not a death sentence. There have been so many advances and there are still more to come thanks to organizations such as Project Pink’d.

  • Second, (if possible) know your family’s history. After my diagnosis, my sister and I were able to contact a distant cousin through Facebook to find that she had breast cancer for the first time in her early 20’s and she and another of her sisters are Braca1 positive.

  • Third is, know your body. Do your self-breast exams. Knowing how your body looks and feels today will help you notice if it changes tomorrow and then act!

  • Fourth is, get a second opinion! Being told you have cancer is such overwhelming news that you are almost in a daze. If not for my sister in law, I would've gone ahead and did as the first surgeon suggested and my story may have turned out so different.

  • Lastly, cancer does not discriminate. I have met so many women who have no history of cancer in their family. Go to your annual appointments and do your self-breast exams. Until there is a cure "WE" are our best chance for early detection and prevention.

Project Pink’d, Inc. is run entirely by volunteers. The pool of volunteers (including this blogger) comes from breast cancer survivors, co-survivors and community members. You will meet some of our Friends of Project Pink’d -- Calendar Girls and board members -- at our nonprofit’s website. ”

No matter where you hail from, you’re invited to join our Project Pink’d, Inc. movement dedicated to supporting the mind, body and spirit of those diagnosed with breast cancer; ultimately focusing on improving their quality of life. Become a Friend of Pink'd. Find out all of the latest breast cancer news and learn about what the Pink'd staff and volunteers will be doing all year long by becoming connected to Project Pink’d through our official Facebook page. Those who tweet, can follow the We are Pink’d movement @ProjectPinkd.

This BCAM,  as we do everyday, we live by and hold true to our non-profit’s motto: "Support the fighters, honor the taken; and never, ever, ever give up Hope."

- population-we™ blog post by Becky Bohan Brown
© 2012 population-we, LLC
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