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Monday, August 22, 2011

pop-we Baseball Highlights Texas Rangers Proposed Memorial Statue for Fan Lt. Shannon Stone

Lt. Shannon Stone
The Texas Rangers announced that a statue is in the works that will memorialize Lt. Shannon Stone who died after an accident at their stadium earlier this season. The statue will depict Lt. Stone and his son Cooper and will likely be placed outside the home plate entrance to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington by the start of the 2012 season. The Rangers will pay for the bronze artwork which Lt. Stone's wife Jenny and other family members will help design and create.

In a statement by Jenny Stone she said, "Shannon and Cooper had a special relationship, and we are touched and grateful that it will be memorialized at one of their favorite places, Our hope is that this statue will not be a symbol of our family tragedy but rather a reminder of the importance of a family's love -- love of each other, love of spending time together, and love of the game."

Rangers President and CEO Nolan Ryan said that the statue will be a tribute to all baseball fans. "We feel that this statue will be a most fitting tribute," Ryan said. "It will not only serve to honor Mr. Stone's memory, but also to recognize Rangers fans and baseball fans everywhere."

Stadium flags at half staff day of funeral
Lt. Shannon Stone attended the Rangers game on July 7 with his son Cooper. He died after reaching over a railing and falling more than 20 feet as he attempted to catch a ball tossed by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. After the accident the Rangers increased safety measures at the ball park, which included raising the height of the rails, placing new warning signs, a pre-game announcement and active security guards offering friendly reminders not to lean on the railings.

Lt. Stone was a true hero who served as a firefighter in Brownwood, Texas, since 1993. He had twice been voted firefighter of the year and had risen to the rank of Lieutenant. He had been involved in the disaster relief efforts following Hurricanes Katrina and Ike in addition to fighting wildfires.

The statue will serve as memorial, tribute and symbol. The relationship Lt. Stone shared with his son Cooper as baseball fans will be immortalized in bronze. That bond has been passed along by countless fans who have spent time at ballparks with their children. Generation after generation have shared baseball one season to the next.

Baseball season spans the best seasons of the year. It's part of the baseball lexicon. Spring training. Boys of summer. Fall classic. Three seasons for a father and child to share the sunshine and hot dogs while rooting for their favorite player to get a hit.

The most important message offered by the completed statue will be to cherish your time with your children.
- population-we blog post by John Bohan
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  1. Baseball Me Love and population-we™ teamed up once again for another baseball post. This time pop-we Baseball Blogger John Bohan remembers fan Lt. Shannon Stone & highlights the proposed Texas Ranger memorial statue. We also cross posted it at Lt. Stone's Facebook memorial page

  2. Thank you for the information on the memorial statue to remember Lt. Shannon Stone. I think this is a fine tribute to a fan.--Barb