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Monday, August 4, 2014

I Heart Celebrity Causes Highlights Katy Perry's Generosity Water

I Heart Celebrity Causes.
As a society we like our celebrities and tend to support the causes they endorse with this status. Our celebrities are those that entertain and inspire us such as those that act in the movies, on television and the stage, our favorite musicians, athletes from our favorite teams or provide national pride representing at the Olympics, the authors of our favorite literary works and those that provide contributions in the world of art. Each month in this new population-we™ (pop-we) series, I Heart Celebrity Causes, a celebrity will be chosen and the cause that they promote will be looked at.

This month in the second installment of I Heart Celebrity Causes the focus is on musical artist Katy Perry and Generosity Water. Perry is very philanthropically minded as her efforts have helped more than 50 nonprofit organizations. One she paid special attention to was Generosity Water for which she earmarked part of the ticket sales from her California Dreams tour along with The Humane Society of America and Children’s Health Fund.

From ticket sales raised from 122 California Dreams tour dates over $40,000 was raised for Generosity Water.  As a result the organization was able to build wells in Ghana, India, Laos and Nigeria that provided clean and safe drinking water for over 4000 people. Another result was Perry being named Billboard’s Woman of the Year in 2012.

One sobering fact is over 768 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water. Generosity Water points out that having access to clean water is the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty.  They currently have active projects in Ghana, Haiti, India and Uganda. Since their inception in 2008 they have completed projects worldwide in several countries including Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Honduras, Liberia and Philippines. The greatest impact so far was in Liberia where 50 projects were completed to help over 62,000 people. To date they have been able to bring clean water to over 340,000 people in 19 countries. If you would like to donate to this cause you can visit Generosity Water's donation page.

Want to get involved? Connect with Generosity Water on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Most importantly, Bravo to pop-we I Heart Celebrity Causes--Katy Perry--for her work with Generosity Water!

-population-we™ blog post by John Bohan
© 2014 population-we, LLC 
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  1. Directly after a show from anybody, you can't even indicate that something might be improved. What artists and celebrities need is congrats and support. They haven't descended off that apex of force.