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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Giving Your Condolences via Social Media

With the advent of social media one would think it would be easier to give condolences. This was tested recently when I had two dear friends whose parents passed away. Unlike years passed it wasn't from a phone call that alerted me to the news but via a Facebook post and a text message. Therefore, I felt responding with my condolences in the same manner was appropriate.

Social media has taken the awkwardness out of the condolences equation; however, unlike a phone call more thought goes into your messaging. Everybody who reads my blog knows I'm a wordsmith and tend to write a lot; however, in this medium when giving your condolences via a group message--I think short is more appropriate. I admit, I stared over my iPhone waiting for the right words to pour out of my fingers, but it took me a bit to find the words. Because of that fact, I decided to offer some advice on giving condolences via social media. Before hitting the publish or send button: 1) take a breath; 2) think out what message you really want to convey; and 3) keep it short.

Here's what I mustered up to say:
                      Text message for Skippy's dad.

Facebook message for Monica's dad.
Some population-we™ readers may not agree? You may think--I should've immediately picked up the phone and called. If so, feel free to comment below. No matter how you're reaching out to offer condolences it isn't easy but the gesture does not go unnoticed. I know in my heart of hearts, my condolences will be followed with a big hug next time I see both my dear friends. For now, because of my social media messages above, they both know I'm thinking of them during this very difficult time.

-population-we blog post by Becky Bohan Brown 
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