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Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry 5 Days of Scuba Ornaments

The most cherished Christmas items this holiday season hang from a limb, ornaments. For many nothing is more Christmassy than decorating a Christmas tree. The Brown's Christmas tree is always the focal point at our house during the holidays. These days Brian and I have a new type of ornament that hang from our Christmas tree thanks to a club we belong to. Each year, ornaments are center stage at Greater Omaha Scuba Club's (GOSCUBA) annual holiday party too. At the party, GOSCUBA conducts a present exchange. Those not familiar with a present exchange: participants bring a wrapped present, draw a number and in return get to pick a present at their turn. GOSCUBA's exchange is a bit different--ornaments are based around scuba diving.

Last year we ran 12 Days of Ornaments; instead this year we decided to share a snippet of scuba or sea-themed ornaments from the GOSCUBA ornament exchange.

Scuba ornament 5: Sea Turtle ornament, which is often mistaken for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. #ornaments

Scuba ornament 4: Sea Turtle scuba ornament No. 2. #ornaments

Scuba ornament 3: Mermaid scuba ornament. #ornaments

Scuba ornament 2: Pufferfish scuba ornament. #ornaments

Scuba ornament 1: Stingray scuba ornament. #ornaments

You too can participate in 5 Days of Ornaments. Are you an ornament lover or collector too? If so, comment below on what your favorite ornament is. Merry 5 Days of Scuba Ornaments to all of our population-we™readers!

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