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Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Ornaments Revealed

Nothing illuminates the Christmas spirit more than decorating a Christmas tree. Indeed, the most cherished Christmas items in the Brown's household hang from a limb. When a lot of people get married their Christmas tree is practically bare but not for these newlyweds. Ornaments have been at the epicenter of holiday tradition for my husband; since, he was a little boy. Every year for Christmas all the grandchildren in his family would get a special ornament from their grandparents. I had my own ornaments to contribute too. For a while my mom worked for Hallmark and shared her love of ornaments with our family.

Watching Clinton Kelly's 12 Days of Ornaments on "The Chew," I decided to share a snip it of The Bohan Brown's ornament collection with my Twitter followers. Not all of our ornaments are handmade but they still truly come from the heart. So, if you follow me on Twitter (@beckybohanbrown) you have already seen them in their entirety. If not, I'm unveiling the 12th ornament and recapping the rest that appeared on Twitter in this blog post below.

Brown ornament 12: A nativity ornament highlighting the true meaning of Christmas, Christ is born! #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 11: Represents a momentous occasion, The Brown's first married Christmas together! #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 10: On our Christmas tree crayons make anyone young or a bit older crack a smile. #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 9: A patriotic thanks to any military away from their families this Christmas! #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 8: To celebrate @GOSCUBANE's annual party here's my very first Scuba ornament. #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 7:
Who doesn't love sequins especially on a Christmas tree? The Brown's do! #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 6: My mom's favorite #Hallmark ornament, Madame Alexander's Colonial Christmas. #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 5:
A gift from my brother reminds us of Uncle Dean who collected Coke products. #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 4: Most don't have this ornament on their tree, the one & only wienermobile! #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 3: A teddy bear stocking bought at a local craft show adorns our Christmas tree. #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 2: To celebrate Grandma's 91st birthday Brian's favorite Snoopy ornament from her. #12daysofornaments

Brown ornament 1: Representing our @BensonHighNews roots a bunny ornament resides on our tree! #12daysofornaments

Merry 12 Days of Ornaments to all of our population-we™ readers! You too can participate in 12 Days of Ornaments. Are you an ornament lover or collector too? If so, comment below on what your favorite ornament is and be entered into a drawing to win an ornament for your very own tree. Your email must accompany your submission. 

-population-we™ blog post by Becky Bohan Brown
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