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Monday, July 7, 2014

I Heart Celebrity Causes Highlights Eliza Dushku's THRIVEGulu

As a society we like our celebrities and tend to support the causes they endorse with this status. Our celebrities are those that entertain and inspire us such as those that act in the movies, on television and the stage, our favorite musicians, athletes from our favorite teams or provide national pride representing at the Olympics, the authors of our favorite literary works and those that provide contributions in the world of art. Each month in this new population-we™ (pop-we) series, I Heart Celebrity Causes, a celebrity will be chosen and the cause that they promote will be looked at.

I Heart Celebrity Causes...
The first is the actress Eliza Dushku and THRIVEGulu. Dushku has continued the philanthropic tradition of her mother Dr. Judy Dushku. Together they helped launch the fund raising for THARCE Gulu in 2010. THARCE stands for Trauma Healing and Reflection Center. Both are also on the board of directors for THRIVEGulu.

Dushku and her mother had taken a trip to Uganda and it was eye opening and life changing for both. They had seen the effects of the Ugandan civil war on its victims especially the former child soldiers. The center was devoted to those former child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda whose stories of what they had endured inspired them. The center was a means to help rehabilitate and reintegrate these children back into the community.

Out of that initial effort grew THRIVEGulu whose mission is to assist the communities of Northern Uganda heal from the traumatic events of war, sexual enslavement, extreme poverty and lost opportunities. The organization works hand and hand with the local staff to manage and grow its initiatives. Eliza Dushku has done much to raise awareness and has led many fund raising campaigns. Eliza Dushku's Facebook page is one platform from which she has spread the message about THRIVEGulu. YouTube is another. Watch Eliza Dushku's YouTube about HARCE and THRIVEGulu.

"We want to encourage the breaking down of this barrier that we're over here and they're over there and there's this separateness--because we're all brothers and sisters--and we connect and share and grow together," said  Eliza Dushku. "Just opening up that space in your brain to wonder what's happening there and how you can be apart is exactly how you can be apart."

Want to get involved? Connect with THRIVEGulu on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Most importantly, Bravo to pop-we I Heart Celebrity Causes very first recipient--Eliza Dushku and her mother--for their work with THRIVEGulu!

-population-we™ blog post by John Bohan
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