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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's a Small Scuba World

It is hard to believe how many times scuba diving finds it way into conversations in a landlocked state like Nebraska. Every year our town is the site of the NCCA Men's College World Series and we always get accolades from announcers and fans on how friendly Omahan's are. Recently, I chatted it up with a teller at my bank. Pepper and I were on a mission to make our car and credit card payment. No doubtedly, the credit card payment was paying off one of our epic scuba diving trips too. During polite conversation, the teller asked how my week was going? I responded that it is Tuesday and tonight we are attending a going away party for someone moving to Las Vegas. He commented that he'd like to live there--so he can rock climb more. I told him I'd like to live somewhere for my scuba diving hobby, too.
Nebraska's Sandy Channel.

He flashed a great big grin back at me and told me he learned to scuba dive when he was 10 for a family vacation. He exclaimed he wanted to open a scuba shop some day but admittedly said--but not around here! He went on to tell me that he took a scuba diving class years later while attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). While at UNL, he passed and earned his open water certification. He said a short time after everyone from class went on a trip to somewhere in Western Nebraska but his parent's refused to pay. He commented being a poor college student, he just couldn't afford it. I told him we recently travelled to that Western Nebraska location, Sandy Channel, and enjoyed it immensely. I mentioned where we dove the visibility was great and we found a sunken plane and boat. Read about our Sandy Channel divecation: The Training Fins are Off, at Scuba Diver Life.

This brief encounter reminds me; whether, you've gone diving last week or have been on a scuba diving sabbatical, keep the dive light burning and always keep dreaming of diving!

-population-we blog post by Becky Bohan Brown 
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