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Monday, January 12, 2015

pop-we Reviews Darin Adams' Lights, Camera, and Passion!

I believe that our lives can be filled even more with natural highs. I am grateful that I have discovered diverse passions that bring me so much satisfaction. When I watched a talk show host interview Darin Adams, author of "Lights, Camera, and Passion!," the interview caught my attention. I have a huge wish list of books and unfortunately there are many that I will never purchase. It was a no brainer to buy Adam’s book that resonated with me and goes so perfectly with the mission of population-we, LLC.

The book shares what Adams has observed as an award-winning television personality with more than 30 years in the business about passion. He also shares his personal philosophies and experiences while quoting from wise people sold on the importance of enthusiasm and passion.

Adams beautifully tells the stories of inspirational people who have followed their hearts. Adams seems to feel that passions are often more about the heart than the head. Be prepared if he is ever seated in your dental chair or perhaps you in his home repairing electrical work or he is next to your seat on an airplane--as he will probably pose a question that keeps burning in his heart and mind. “What’s your Passion?” (He asks) “You know your favorite thing that makes you excited about life. The thing that you would want to do if you could do anything in the world.” It’s okay if you have a blank stare. He has had a lot of those. He has also helped a lot of people realize their latent passions or rekindle forgotten or formerly forsaken passions.

Adams came across as very down to earth. He said that people started asking him to give speeches because there is a demand for his message. His message really is meant for young and old. He happened to be at a meeting at one of his children’s schools when someone recommended his book in order to help children find their passions; the speaker did not seem aware that the author (Adams) was in the audience.

The book is filled with Adams philosophies and “Darin isms” about passion. I have pondered a lot about passions since seeing his interview and reading from his book. I wholeheartedly agree with him that it is okay for our passions to change in life but we should never stop finding new passions. He puts it best when he says, “Passions change. They don’t vanish.”

He shares his insights about what he believes passions are and what he believes passions are not. From what I understand from his book, a passion is not the same as a talent or skill. You may love something deeply and not have any real talent. You may never have any talent. That does not mean it can be a source of something good for you.

He teaches that passions are an investment in oneself. He also relates how we can oftentimes benefit others with our passions. Adams emphasizes what passions are. He is emphatic that passions are important to us because they help us feel energized and alive. People sacrifice for the sake of their passions.

Adams believes that passions are power. They give people the power to persuade.

Adams also talks about finding pleasures in simple things in life. Those little things that we enjoy doing are passions too. He has a long list of his little passions. We do not share a love for standing in long lines for those ultimate bargains. Yet, it was sweet to see how excited a good sale makes him on Black Friday.

Adam’s family and my parents and I have shared a love for American Idol. I am jealous that his work sent him to the Kodak Theatre to cover American Idol. In recent years, his family seems to focus more on the auditions that he finds to be highly entertaining. As the season goes by, I love getting to know the youth who really are a mix of raw talent and passion. I watch for those moments that take me to a higher plane. Those moments are seldom fast tempo songs. Give me a sweet ballad. They don’t have to do vocal gymnastics. A sweet melody sung in pitch does go a long way. I have gone on record saying: "the American Idol Finale is my Super Bowl!"

The book is designed to help people little and big passions. In some cases, these passions can be very personal and unique to you. Adams encourages feedback from those he has helped match with passions.

It has been years since my heart first told me that I wanted to learn to weave. It was a real yearning but I put it off as other expenses seemed more important. Well, it is a really humble beginning, but I recently purchased my first loom. Don’t laugh that it is meant for children to make pot holders. I tried to do it for the first time yesterday and couldn’t quite figure it out. Maybe I will graduate to bigger looms. My dream would be to weave on an immense loom with original designs. My desire is to weave without a hook as I love the thought of feeling textiles with my hand. Through the years, I have had fleeting designs in my mind from time to time that were gone way to fast to capture. I have wondered if there was a purpose in all of this. Maybe the images in my mind’s eye will turn out to have nothing to do with learning to weave. I have never been good at art. Time will tell if this will amount to anything. But the important thing is that weaving is a currently a little something new to keep me motivated. Writing, networking, and promoting literacy are three of my biggest passions.

What are you passionate about?

-population-we™ blog post by Barb Bohan
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