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Monday, May 12, 2014

Blogger Couple Celebrates #TheBrowns20 Wedding Anniversary

& they lived happily every after...#TheBrowns20
Nothing in life comes easy; especially marriage. With divorce rates on the rise in the U.S. this is clearly a fact. According to, "50% of all marriages in America end in divorce." Well, so this is no little feat, The Brown’s recently hit a milestone and celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary, which I coined on social media as #TheBrowns20.

Recently, I watched an interview with Pastor Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, that made me want to write this post. I’m so elated to share our anniversary with everybody--not just the highs but also the lows.

In regards to marriage Kay Warren said: “To get to intimacy you have to make it through the tunnel of chaos.”

Just like any married couple we’ve had set backs in our 20 year journey together. We’ve both grieved the loss of family and jobs. So, by no means has it been easy!

Odd Couple
Also, we’re so different. If they were to recast The Odd Couple as a husband and wife duo, we’d get the parts. Mr. Brown (Felix Ungar ) is neat and tidy and I’m not. I’m more like Oscar Madison, minus the cigar, of course. When it comes to tidiness Brian calls me: “Becky The Tornado!” Which is very ironic since our anniversary party was interrupted by an actual tornado (see my brother's Facebook status). Glad to report everybody is safe and sound. The only casualty--our gazebo top got shredded by the 82 mile per hour wind gusts.

We do have a couple things in common our love for family, food, blogging and scuba. This year instead of an opulent divacation we had a huge party with family to celebrate our 20 year union. All were in attendance from two year-old niece Jayna to 91 year-old Grandma Estelle. To commemorate, a bounce house was rented for the littlest party goers from Hop 2 It!! Bounce Rentals.

Happy 20th Anniversary sheet cake and homemade sugar cookies.
These days we’re also a blogger power couple and we have the population-we™ google analytics to prove it. Everybody who follows our blog knows were huge foodies. Mr. Brown is our resident Food Blogger for population-we™ as well as I am Dishcrawl Omaha's newest Ambassador in town. Read my very first post, Dishcrawl Across Omaha Tour Stops at Midtown Crossing's Cantina Laredo, Black Oak Grill & Crave. The Brown's live by the adage--that food brings people together! Food is always center stage in our life. We don’t just eat together, but cook and entertain side-by-side. For our recent 20th Wedding Anniversary party with family; we had three menu changes: Ribs, Brauts and finally decided on a “Walking Taco Bar.” Brian intends to share the recipe in a later post. So, stay tuned! We had hot dogs on-hand for the littlest of party goers too. And, did we have desserts! Homemade sugar cookies courtesy of BF Patty; homemade brownies from Brian's 91-year-old Grandma; Homemade pineapple cake thanks to my sister-in-law Lisa and a replica sheet cake of our wedding cake from my mother-in-law Jan. We truly are making life delicious together.

Anniversary Divecation in Montego Bay, Jamacaii. 

The more time we have together—we both realize our time together is a gift. A couple years back we both started a new water sport together, which reinforced our bond. I made a reference earlier that The Brown's usually go on a divecation for our anniversary. Our love for scuba diving is apparent. It is a sport we found that we can do together all the way into our golden years. Brian is my dive buddy through and through.

"B-r-e-c-k-y!" When Mr. Brown’s friends would utter these words it use to make me furious. Brian + Becky = Brecky. These days, I embrace it! If anyone is curious how the Brecky courtship began, yes I wrote a blog post on it: Cupid is Coming to the KVNO Airwaves This Valentine's Day. Perhaps Brecky will be our new hashtag. Look for it!

Stay In the Room
While writing this post, I kept coming back to a short film directed by Jennifer Anniston years back called, “Room 10." The short directed by Anniston and Andrea Buchanan--still haunts me. As a spouse lay dying on a hospital bed, a nurse comments with amazement on how long the couple had been married. The grieving spouse responds, “I just stayed in the room.”

Love is a choice and 20 years later The Brown’s are still enjoying our marital bliss but most important our friendship for each other. He is truly my foodie companion, dive buddy and best friend who has indeed stayed in the room. #TheBrowns20 #Brecky

(Editor's note: Sorry for the delay in getting this post out. We had technical difficulties (no power) courtesy of the tornado reported earlier in my post. The actual tornado NOT "Becky The Tornado.")

-population-we™ blog post by Becky Bohan Brown
© 2014 population-we, LLC 
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  1. You guys are awesome! Congrats again on #TheBrowns20 !

  2. I so enjoyed reading your blog, Becky. How many of those 20 years have we known each other? You two are an anazing couple and blessings on both of you as you continue on life's adventure!

    1. Ruth: Thank you! We went to high school together and dated through out college. This may date us but is has been 25 plus years. You and Dan are such an inspiration to us! Sending blessings to The Manning's too!

  3. Krysta: Thanks so much and for being a special part of our wedding day some 20 years ago. Looking forward to your upcoming nuptials too! Best wishes!

  4. Congratulations, Becky and Brian on your 20th anniversary! Much happiness to you two in the years to come!

    1. Barb: Thanks sister! We appreciate you being a part of our special day too.

  5. It sounds like you've stuck through thick and thin together! Many congratulation to you, your story is something that other couples can aspire to.

  6. We had about 125 guests, and that was the perfect number to have inside the main room - even with a dance floor in front of the fireplace.