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Monday, February 3, 2014

Dog Blogger's Super Bowl Commercial & Puppy Bowl MVP Picks

Here I am watching the Puppy Bowl.
I was already excited for Super Bowl Sunday because of the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. That theme also ran prominent throughout many Super Bowl game night commercials for 2014; since, four-legged actors ran supreme. I've watched 15 years of Super Bowl commercials and today marks my premiere as a commercial critic. My name is Pepper. I am what humans consider a mutt. In human years, I'm 15, and 105 in dog years. I'm partial to my kind--so this blog post will focus on the Puppy Bowl and my favorite Super Bowl commercials where canines appeared.

First, I believe Abdiel, a Labrador Retriever/Terrier mix, was robbed for not being named Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the Puppy Bowl. My human companion tweeted this reaction via Twitter on my behalf:

Pepper gets a bad wrap for shedding on the carpet too. So, Pepper wanted Abdiel to win #puppybowl MVP!"

The Animal Planet allowed viewers to vote for their pick of MVP. So, my paws did the talking and I voted for Abdiel!

Here's my Top five favorite Super Bowl ads with dogs and puppies:

No. 1 "Cowboy Kid"
I do agree some canines are as big as a horse. This Doritos commercial proves that fact with a Mastiff breed. This commercial was very action packed! I really adored this commercial and in my early years had many a doggy dream of kid's riding me like a horse too.

No. 2 "Doberhuahua"
As I mentioned earlier I'm a mutt; therefore, I think purebred dogs are overrated. This Audi A3 commercial shows viewers what a mix of a Doberman Pinscher and Chiwawa could possibly behave and look like.

No. 3 "Gracie"
My owners don't have children. Wait I'm their four-legged kid! So, for me this commercial really hit home. A daughter and dad sit at a kitchen table with a box of Cheerios. He is trying to explain with each Cheerio that the family is growing by one. The camera pans out and you see the mom is pregnant. The girl proclaims that another Cheerio is a "puppy." The dad agrees and the mom glares back at him.

No. 4 "Terry Crews and the Muppets"
I had to pick this commercial mostly because all of the Muppets look like chew toys to me. Yum-o! Also, Rowlf the dog is one of the Muppets that appear in this Toyota Highlander ad. Well-done Muppets and Actor Terry Crews!

No. 5 "Puppy Love"
If I met these tall creatures when I was a puppy like this Labrador Retriever, perhaps I would have ranked this Budweiser commercial higher. However, the very first time I saw a horse--I was petrified! I've grown to like horses and wag to them on our walks now.

If you don't agree with my rankings feel free to let me know in the comments section below. If you do, please check back again next year for another list of rankings by this population-we™ dog blogger.
(Editor's note: All commercial ads are courtesy of YouTube).

-population-we™ blog post by Pepper
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