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Monday, July 8, 2013

Embrace Your Inner Fashionista

Some people are late bloomers; I happened to be that in the fashion area. The main reason, I attended parochial schools for K-9 grades and was a jock all through high school. So, during the day in my younger years, I was clad in private school attire: a white polo, a plaid brown skirt, white socks and dress shoes. During my high school days, I would mostly wear sweats and barely any makeup. Not until my college days, did I enter into the fashion realm.

Over the years many have influenced my fashion sense: gym teachers, friends, relatives and celebrities. Yes, I said gym teachers; I did mention I was a jock, right? During my college years, I’d pour over magazines and watch TV shows for style advice. Today, I no longer subscribe to InStyle magazine or watch those shows. Why not? Because I am comfortable to report--I have my own style. Watching an icon and fashionista like Cyndi Lauper is part of the reason. She has always defined her own style, which I truly admire. I do have to admit, I am attracted to a few labels. I adore Tommy Hilfiger because of the Americana feel. I just bought a Ralph Lauren suit for its sleekness and perfect cut. I also have to admit--I have a Jimmy Choo purse in my closet, too.

My Ralph Lauren jacket & miniskirt.
Unlike most fashion peeps, I live by one cardinal rule and only buy from the clearance rack. I’m going to share two of my very favorite purchases. They both happened to be before wedding anniversary trips. For our fifth wedding anniversary we went to Disney World in Orlando. With no kiddos, a destination The Brown’s wanted to visit was Pleasure Island. Right off of downtown Disney, Disney World's Pleasure Island included a comedy club, night clubs, restaurants and Disney Qwest (four floors of arcade fun). Knowing we would visit a nightclub, I was in search of a little black miniskirt. At Westroad's The Jones Store on the sale rack I found a Ralph Lauren skirt. I immediately chose to buy it; unfortunately, there was a jacket but the price was still way too high. I made the decision to leave it. If it is meant to be--it will still be on the clearance rack upon our return from vacation, and indeed it was (outfit pictured above)!

The next great buy happened to come from Shields at Village Pointe. For this trip, we were traveling to Jamaica for our 18th wedding anniversary. I was trying on bathing suits and Brian told me he found a cute pair of sandals he wanted to buy for me. I followed him to the shoe section where he showed me some strappy sandals for $120. I immediately had him follow me to the clearance rack where I found two pairs of sandals totaling $40. One happened to be a pair of adorable Sketchers.

I’m happy to share my stories above as well as glad to report, I’m not just a follower of the latest fashions, but a frugal fashionista. I dare other population-we™ readers to embrace your inner fashionista--and be your own kind of beautiful too! Do you have a fashion story? If so, share it on our official Facebook page or in the comment section below.

-population-we™ blog post by Becky Bohan Brown
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