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Monday, February 18, 2013

Dollar General Earns pop-we Kudos for Being a Beacon for Literacy in the U.S.

If you stumbled across this blog, means more than likely that you can read. Consider yourself very lucky because more than 774 million adults worldwide cannot read. In the U.S., 32 million adults can’t read (view stats here)! There is a store in the U.S. whose foundation has set out to help reduce illiteracy. A selfless everyday act that may not make the headlines is what this blog [movement] is all about. So, join us in recognizing the Dollar General as our February population-we™ Kudos recipient! The company's foundation has earned the distinction for their literacy efforts.

In fact, one of the founders of Dollar General was a functionally illiterate when he helped start the company. Today, the Dollar General Foundation offers literacy grant programs, helps search for literacy volunteers and website provides a link to the National Literacy Directory. In 2012, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation gifted $2 million worth of grants to 564 U.S. schools and nonprofit organizations.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation lists its literacy mission statement online by saying: “Dollar General believes learning to read, receiving your GED or learning the English language is an investment that opens doorways for personal, professional and economic growth. That is why our commitment to literacy remains strong. It is the one gift that no one can take away—the one gift that lasts a lifetime.”

So, next time population-we™ readers are shopping at the Dollar General know you are helping others learn to read.

Bravo to our most recent population-we kudos recipients -- the Dollar General Literacy Foundation! The population-we™ blog salutes you for your “pop-we” attitude: it's not about me but about us and we.

-population-we™ blog post by Becky Bohan Brown
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