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Monday, March 12, 2012

Step 4: PT Training with Mike Good

March is National Athletic Training Month. “Athletic Trainers Save Lives” is the theme of this year’s National Athletic Training Month, which is sponsored by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), a nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas. In January, Brian & I decided to make the commitment to this Urban Active (UA) Fitness "Get Active Challenge" and get a personal trainer. Blogging about our fitness experiences, Brian & I want to officially introduce population-we readers to our athletic & personal trainer. When I told our trainer that Brian & I are bloggers and that we would only use his first name in posts he responded that we could use his last name, too. He goes by -- Mr. Good. I said, "Oh that's your handle?" He responded, "No 'Good' is my real last name." Enter -- Mike Good -- The Brown's personal trainer.

Since we've started Brian & I have spent two Hallmark holidays with our trainer. I hope this shows our dedication and how The Brown's lives have been affected by athletic training. Instead of a high fattening dinner with sugary drinks; Brian and I met our trainer, Mike, at UA for evening PT sessions on Valentine's Day and Fat Tuesday

We both do have a little trepidation when we get a new session from Mike. Each time we get introduced to new equipment and exercises we've never done before. To celebrate National Athletic Training Month, Brian & I thought we’d share a synopsis of all our PT sessions for fellow population-we readers who might be looking to mix up their workout routines.

  • First week (Assessment) – Mike put us through a series of workouts to test our ability to do various routines. We used the rowing machine to see how fast we could get to 1,000 meters; how many push-ups until we collapsed; and how long we could hold in a plank position.
  • Workout No. 1 – Mike put us through our first routine, it was hard but fun. Our first exercise was to lay on the floor, put our feet up on a stability ball that is used for sit-ups. From this position do a bridge (raise your waist up off the ground) while do a chest press with dumbbells. Second, we did crunches with the knees in the air. Then we used the TRX bands; we did squats and pulls. This worked the upper back; it was kind of like doing a row. From there we moved on to jumping jacks followed by our last exercise. Using the Bosu ball (one side is flat plastic and the other an inflatable ball), standing on the ball take dumbbells from the waist raise them straight out in front of you then straight out and down to your side then reverse. You did this eight times.
  • Workout No. 2 – This week Mike prepared a set of routines using a double pulley machine. Using grips we did a chest press for 15 reps. Then laying on the floor he had us do leg lifts, this is where you lay flat on the floor and raise your legs together to about a 45 degree angle. Next we changed the machine to do squats using the hand grips. During this exercise the other person used dumbbells for arm curls with an overhead press for 12-15 reps. The last stage of this routing utilized the double pulley system. On one side we did pull downs to work the tricep and on the other we did a row while holding a squat position. The routine was great for the fact it worked so many different muscle groups.
  • Workout No. 3 – This week Mike incorporated a few routines using medicine balls, which were pretty demanding. First using two four pound balls we did push-ups. Placing the hands on the balls and lowering your chest as close to the floor as possible while trying to keep you hands stabilized on the balls. While the other did step ups, which is using a metal riser step onto the riser (each leg 15 times). Then using a 20-poundmedicine ball we were to raise the ball over your head then slam it onto the ground and have it bounce back up for 15 reps. The other person had to place their hands on the metal riser and do alpine climber for 35 seconds, this is like bending over and running in place. On the last series, we did sit ups using a four-pound ball. Lay back with the ball over your head then sit up with the ball going over your bent knee for 20 reps. Mean while the other had to do side steps for 20 reps.  This is taking the metal riser and stepping off to the sides. This routine was more intense then the previous weeks.
  • Workout No. 4 – Tonight we added some weight to the routine. We started off using the hip sled doing 3 sets of 15 reps. Followed by calf raises while holding a 10 pound weight. From there Mike had us do a set of routines using the TRX bands. First we did side steps, stretching to one side squatting down making sure that your hip does not go past your foot. Then using the bands, lean back keeping the bands tight and starting straight out from the chest raise the arms above your head.  As always 3 sets of 15 reps. I worked ahead while Mike was working with Beck, for this I had to do 40 extra jumping jacks for her to catch up. Last two exercises, take a 25 pound weight and circle your head.  This works the shoulder muscles. Finally, half burbies which is starting from a standing position put your hands on a bench then kick your feet out bring them back in and stand up...15 times.
After training with Mike, we feel even more energized and motivated. With this UA “Get Active Challenge,” Brian & I both feel like we've turned a real corner in our journey to become the more fit people we know we can be. Mike has provided tips and words of encouragement along the way. With this post we salute the work of athletic & personal trainers nationwide like Mike. Step 4, continue to get stronger, leaner by following the lead of Mr. Good.
(Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of blog posts about UA's Get Active Challenge) 
-population-we™ blog post by Becky Bohan Brown and Brian Brown
 © 2012 population-we, LLC 
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