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Monday, September 26, 2011

pop-we Dinner Club Reviews The Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill

"The Matt" located in downtown Omaha
This month population-we™ Dinner Club member Caryn decided we should rest at the The Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill (, located at 501 N. 13th Street in downtown Omaha, NE. Known by locals as --“The Matt” -- it is just west of the Century Link Center (formerly the Qwest Center). The Matt is in an old brick building, it looks like an old warehouse.

A lobster game?
As you enter the establishment, patrons walk down a ramp into a larger room. As you look around it looks like a sports bar with several televisions hanging all around. A unique and interesting feature is located by the ramp that you walk down. Everyone has seen the claw games where you try to retrieve stuffed animals and other toys by maneuvering a crane with a joy stick. Here they have a claw machine but it is filled with lobsters!! If you are able to catch one they will cook it up for you.

This night I decided to have the hot roast beef sandwich with rustic mashed potatoes and gravy. It was served as expected. The meal came with a slice of Texas toast topped with a pile of roast beef, a mound of mashed potatoes–both covered with tasty gravy. I thought the dish was very good.

A couple other members decided to get the firecracker shrimp. This dish is an appetizer but they thought it sounded delicious. It is fried shrimp, tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce, which does have a nice kick to it...very good.

After compiling the surveys from the other foodies the pop-we Dinner Club gives The Mattress Factory: 5.65 star average on a scale of 1-5.

Atmosphere/Decor – 6

Cleanliness – 6

Wait Staff – 6.17

Menu – 5.33

Food Presentation – 5.67

Food Portions – 5.67

Food Taste – 6

Cost (was the cost worth meal?) – 5.67

Noise Level – 4.5

Overall Experience – 5.5

Fellow population-we™ readers, if you’ve been to the Mattress Factory leave us a comment and tell us what you thought?

Want to do this yourself? To review how to start your own dinner club, visit our January post about doing just that. Remember it is a template; tweak it to fit you and your friends’ tastes. pop-we Dinner Club: good food…good friends…good times.
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-population-we™ blog post by Brian Brown
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  1. Brian: Can I count the ways in which I love The Matt’s firecracker shrimp? You bet. We’ve been there countless times -- so I knew it would suffice for my meal. Since, we ate at 4 p.m. this day I did order a side of sweet potato fries, which were yummy too. The shrimp aren’t huge but appropriate size for an appetizer dish. This day they were fried to perfection and married in a sweet and spicy sauce. A waiter on a previous occasion shared with us the heat came from the oil they used to prepare the dish. Mr. Brown helped me with a couple shrimp; hence, he can attest to the “very good” taste.

  2. You must have caught them on a good night because in the 4 times I've been there, only 1 visit was truly enjoyable.
    This place is overpriced and underwhelming.

  3. Sorry to hear that Anonymous. I think eating at The Mattress Factory one has to go in with the mindset that it is bar food. With the exception of dinner club all the other times we ate there happened to be before events we attended at CenturyLink or TD Ameritrade. So, speed and price is a high priority for us and they haven’t disappointed us yet. Something I would ding them on is how often they change the menu. They had a wonderful tomato salad they offered but the next time we ate there it was gone. According to our waiter, they change the menu up every three months or so.

  4. This is just an average bar. There is nothing that elevates it above the other bars and restaurants in the area.

  5. Anonymous: Every time we have dined at the Mattress Factory they are always busy and this night was no different. The surveys our club members take after each meal are the same. Everyone truly enjoyed their meal. However, a pet peeve I have with the restaurant is they always are changing the menu.