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Monday, February 28, 2011

pop-we Dinner Club Reviews Round The Bend Steakhouse

This January was the first outing for the population-we™ (pop-we) Dinner Club. Each month a member picks a restaurant to go too. The first place chosen -- Round the Bend Steakhouses -- was Rick’s pick. Round the Bend is a steakhouse outside South Bend, Nebraska, located at 30801 East Park Highway. If you are heading out of Omaha, take I-80 west to the Mahoney State Park exit. Take a left, head south for a few miles and it stands on the west side of the road on top of a hill. It does not look like much from the outside nor the inside. Inside it is a clean place but nothing fancy by any stretch of the imagination. Parking is fun, due to not really having parking stalls, people just park in an orderly fashion in a gravel parking lot.

We had a party of eight people seated at a round plastic folding type table that you would find in banquet hall. Our waitress was fun and entertaining, in which everyone seemed to enjoy. They have a typical menu that you would find at any steakhouse; except, we did notice one thing missing there were no desserts. We asked the waitress about it and she responded, “Nobody ever makes it to dessert -- so why offer it.” This is definitely a meat and potatoes joint, no veggies. Their portions are huge! Two people ordered the prime rib, one being an end cut. When Rick’s end cut came out it looked more like a roast -- it was gigantic. I ordered the New York strip steak with the hash browns, which you can have plain or with onions and cheese. The steak was big, tender and cooked to a perfect medium pink (just the way I like it). They are also known for their testicles, not something you usually find on a menu. Each year Round the Bend hosts their annual testicle festival which usually draws huge crowds.

After compiling the surveys from the other foodies the pop-we Dinner Club gives Round the Bend Steakhouse: 3.9 star average on a scale of 1-5.

Atmosphere/Decor - 3.5

Cleanliness - 3.5

Wait Staff - 4.25

Menu - 4.25

Food Presentation - 3.25

Food Portions - 4.5

Food Taste - 4.25

Cost (was the cost worth meal?) - 4

Noise Level - 3.5

Overall Experience - 4

Fellow population-we™ readers, if you’ve been to Round the Bend Steakhouse leave us a comment and tell us what you thought?

Want to do this yourself? To review how to start your own dinner club, visit our January post about doing just that. Remember it is a template; tweak it to fit you and your friends’ tastes. pop-we Dinner Club: good food…good friends…good times.
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  1. Brian: Thanks for the review and joining the population-we team! I just wanted to let those non-meat eaters know there are some fish options at Round The Bend Steakhouse. At our pop-we Dinner Club, I ate their coconut shrimp. They were rather large prawns and tasted like any other places. But in conjunction with their pineapple dipping sauce they were quite delectable. So, I indeed recommend Round The Bend’s coconut shrimp to those fish lovers out there.